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About Borst Maritiem

Borst Maritiem is an initiative of Corné Borst who, after a couple of interesting years with a classification society, decided to become a entrepreneur in order to use his experiences in a more creative and effective way in ship design.

After gaining some experience with a Naval Architecture design company and a shipyard, I have worked for Lloyd’s Register EMEA for several years as an Assistant Surveyor, Surveyor and Surveyor in charge in the Design Support Office in Rotterdam.
My activities: the examination of structural aspects of inland navigation ships, like tankers, dry-cargo ships, ferries, push barges and push boats. I also made dangerous substances lists for tankers, advised customers and educated new employees. In my last role I was responsible for the team that examined the construction plans and who made substances lists for inland navigation ships world wide. My experiences and knowledge in the field of construction, class regulations, statutory regulations like the ROSR/EU-Directive, ADN and the EU-Directive are extensive.

I am creative, eager to learn, driven and I’m open for new ideas and I have passion for everything which floats.